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zapped bracelet nyc
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Gold Filled                                 Sterling Silver
Bracelets        $70                           $60
Anklets           $85                           $75
Necklaces      $110                          $100
Rings              $35                           $30


 Anything over 18” in length is  an additional $7 per inch
14k Gold  Chains are priced by the inch


We gladly offer the following 14k Gold chains:
Long Short Box      $40/inch
Textured Cable      $30/inch
Textured Oval         $30/inch
Paperclip  Chain    $30/inch
Mariner  Chain       $30/inch
Rope chain (Ye llow & White 14k gold)   $26/inch
Double-Cut  Chain   $22/inch
Oval Long Short  Chain   $22/inch
Figaro  Chain (Yellow & White 14k gold)   $20/inch
Krinkle Chain      $16/inch
14k Gold Gucci Chain (Yellow, White & Rose Gold)   $48/inch
*** Pre-Order only & Pre-Pay
Please email or DM me at least 1 week prior to your appointment if you would like to purchase this chain
Add On Items:
Gold-Filled & Sterling Silver Charms & Connectors $20-25
14k White and Yellow Gold Charms & Connectors $40-$50
BYOB (Bring Your Own Bracelet, Necklace or Anklet)   $35
Bring your own Charm   $10