We’ve all seen the cool trend of forever bracelets, those delicate chains or string bracelets meant to symbolize an everlasting friendship. But with a name like “forever bracelet,” it’s natural to have some questions. Here’s the scoop on the myths and realities, along with some info about permanent welded bracelets (made from sturdier materials) if you’re considering that option!

Myth Busters: Debunking Common Concerns

  • Myth 1: Airport Security Nightmare? – Nope! The delicate nature of these bracelets means you can breeze through TSA security with ease. In fact, many people travel internationally with their forever bracelets without any issues.
  • Myth 2: Delicate = Easily Broken? (For Welded Bracelets) – Not quite! Permanent Jewelry such as bracelets are typically made from strong, 14K gold filled chains. They’re built to last just like any other solid gold jewelry, so daily activities won’t be a problem. These bracelets have been tested through travel, workouts, and even playful tugs from little ones!
  • Myth 3: Does Getting Welded Hurt? – Fear not, there’s no pain involved! Your skin is protected with a special cover, and the welding process is a quick zap – no fire, heat, or sparks here.
  • Myth 4: Green After a Dip? – No! 14K solid gold, gold-filled, or 925 sterling silver won’t turn your skin green after a refreshing swim in the ocean. Many people wear their forever bracelets all summer long without any problems.
  • Myth 5: No MRIs or X-rays? -Rest assured we have plenty of clients who are able to complete MRIs, X-rays, and some even surgery without having to remove their permanent pieces. Ask your technician and doctor prior to removal if it is absolutely necessary. While inconvenient, if you need to take off your welded bracelet for these medical procedures we are able to re-welded onto on! Be sure to successfully cut the bracelet at the connecting jump ring, the “O” ring where we weld!
  • Myth 6: Forever Stuck With the Look? – Not necessarily! If your tastes change, cut your permanent bracelet and add a clasp, transforming it into a regular piece of removable jewelry.

The Reality

Even though forever bracelets (especially those made from thread or string) aren’t truly permanent, they can still hold a significant meaning. They’re a unique way to celebrate a special friendship at a specific point in time, sparking memories and reminding you of shared experiences.

Looking for a More Durable Option?

If you’re interested in a forever jewelry such as a permanent jewelry chain or bracelet that offers more longevity, consider using stronger cords like waxed cotton or hemp for a traditional forever bracelet. You could also explore permanent welded bracelets made from 14K solid gold. These options offer a bit more resistance to everyday wear and tear, but remember, even welded bracelets might need to be removed for certain situations.

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